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Anonymous 1:

I moved to Japan after my marriage 7 years ago and request that the fingerprinting be abolished for non-tourists. It is humiliating, insulting, discriminatory and driving away tourism and their hard currency, forcing businessmen who travel frequently in and out of Japan to relocate their main offices to other Asian countries , and will further decrease population (their families will also be relocated with them) and tax payers who provide the base for Japan's ever increasing pension and medical care needs for an aging population.

What Japan is doing with this fingerprinting is losing the esteem and good will of the world, driving away tourists from knowledge of millenia of Japanese culture, people and Japanese traditional courtesy and way of life in the short term and is self-destructive for Japan in the long term. Japan has one of the highest literacy rates in the world--higher than the US and many European countries; how can a country with such intelligence do something so self-destructive? (How can a Minister have a friend of a friend who is Al-Qaeda?)

I am afraid for the future of Japan. Japanese refuse to accept fingerprinting as it is associated with criminals. How can Japan Ministry of Education justify hiring esteemed professors to teach young Japanese and supply skills while at the same time treating these foreign residents when they arrive in Japan by air as potential terrorists, splitting up families in Immigration and sending small children through the Japanese line alone while the foreign parent goes through the "suspected terrorist" line for all foreigners?
The children then are left unattended in the baggage area for the foreign parent to be processed which may take hours. (Has Japan so quickly forgotten the little 7-year-old girl who was killed several weeks ago during the few minutes she went to put her bike on the sie of the house after coming home and talking to her sisters at the front door?)

How can Japan treat a first time unknown tourist from a possibly hostile country the same as a permanent resident who has been working in Japan for the benefit of Japan and the Japanese, made Japan home for family, children and grandchildren? Why? All the reasons given are neither true nor logical, but are definitely discriminatory and ineffective and insulting and will cause a brain-drain, a business drain and a tourist halt which means more economic and financial woes for Japan.
This will end up being most unfair to the senior citizens of Japan and will further discourage young Japanese people from having families. I fear that Japan will disappear if Japan continues on this path. That would be a great loss for the world and world culture and history.

Anonymous 2:

Ya es bastante que nos traten como ciudadanos de segunda clase al llegar al aeropuerto haciendonos esperar largas colas (mientras los japoneses pasan rapidamente y les atiende mas personal). Mejor que desnuden a los japoneses a ver cuantos llevan tatuajes. Si no quieren extranjeros simplemente que prohiban el acceso a Japon.

Anonymous 3:

It's a shame. I know that many prefectures are trying to increase the number of inbound foreign visitors...at the same time this will be yet another reason for people not to bother coming to Japan. The fingerprinting laws are the main reason i haven't traveled around the USA...I'm sad that many people will be put off coming out to Japan. Do the government really think we're all terrorists?
Japon Mutliple

Anonymous 4:

私の妻は外国籍です。改正入国管理法に反対します。 私の妻が犯罪者のように取り扱われるのは屈辱です。 アメリカの真似をしたようですがアメリカでもグリーンカードを所持している市民は別待遇です。
Yokoso Japan Bus


Anonymous said...

i think it is very sad japan is taking something done america and then making it their "own." in the US, permanent residents ARE NOT subjected to fingerprinting and photos. i don`t agree with doing this to visitors either, after all the 9/11 terrorists were in the US legally. just another way to keep track of us all. did you know that most japanese are not even aware that this is being done here to tax-paying law-abiding permanent residents. it was pushed through with nary a word. and all terrorist attacks in japan have been perpetrated by japanese. aum and the sarin gas attacks as just one horrific example.

Anonymous said...

Oh, because US wants Japan to do the same, so that they can exchange finerprints data.


Anonymous said...

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