Japan-Guide survey about the new immigration procedures for non Japanese

From November 20, foreigners will be fingerprinted and photographed upon entry into Japan. What do you think?


Hneri Beyle said...

Well at least a country is taking serious measures about immigration on it's own territory.
We can only applause that.
Remember, if you're not Japanese : Japan is not your country and they do what they want.
What if a stranger enter your flat or house, start to eat what's in the fridge, goes to the toilet and use it and then exit without a word ?
If you don't like the way the japanese handle it, you're not forced to go there.
What if the japanese people start petitions reclaiming laws for your country ? Would you agree ?
This kind of childish reaction will prove -if needed- to japanese that foreigners are not to be trusted.
What they'll think is that foreigners will try to rule their country. If you agree with the idea of foreigners managing your country, why didn't you let the Nazis ruled Europe? Why did America didn't let Japan or Russia ruled the USA ?

Thomas B said...

Ah, c'est toi qui vient de mon blog ?
J'habite ici, travaille ici et paye des taxes ici.

Que veux-tu que je te dise. Tu as certainement la haine de l'étranger et l'esprit bien peu ouvert à la réflexion. Je n'arriverai pas à te convaincre que des gens puissent habiter dans un autre pays que celui de leur naissance.