Mobilization of the people

This is my first post on this blog, so I'd like to say a quick thank you to Thomas for the invitation.

As an Australian living in Japan with my Japanese family, I was upset at the idea of having to be separated from my family when we return from an overseas trip. I can't understand why I am going to be singled out and treated like a suspect.

The government has been touting this system to prevent terrorism but I think it will only end up discouraging tourism.

After being introduced to this group by another teacher at the same university, I have become much more active in creating awareness about this issue and asking people to get involved and promote the petition.

If you have you have Japanese Family, Friends, Coworkers or Associates, please let the know about this issue. There has been precious little about this issue on the Japanese news and the average citizen probably doesn't realize what a bad situation this is for their foreign friends.

So I ask you to write about this on your blogs, e-mail friends and family, sign the petition or even attend demonstrations. And for those who have already been doing this, thank you.

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